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Out of State Travel Letters No Longer Required

Effective immediately, out-of-state travel memos are no longer needed for children who are
traveling within the United States, because we are no longer in a pandemic and the Reasonable
and Prudent Parent Standard policy (SSA-CW#16-7) does not require permission to travel out of
the state.

The resource parent must inform the youth’s BCDSS caseworker and or supervisor when they
are traveling out-of-state with a foster youth; however, they do not need written permission from
staff to do so. Please ensure that the resource parent is in possession of the child’s Health
Passport and Medical Assistance information when traveling. They must also be aware of the
daytime and after hour’s contact numbers should an emergency arise while they are away.
Youth who will be traveling out-of-the country will require prior approval from the Assistant
Deputy Director. A court order must be obtained prior to submitting an out-of-country travel
request. This includes travel to U.S. territories.

Resource parents should continue to be encouraged to inform staff 2 weeks in advance prior to
their travel so that appropriate planning can be made for visitation and any other activities that
might take place during the planned travel.

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