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DHS Hotline for Stipend Issues

From Michael Demidenko, SSA Deputy Executive Director of Programs:


“Good morning Local Directors and Assistant Directors,


It has come to the attention of the Social Services Administration that Foster Care Resource Home Providers and recipients of Adoption and Guardianship subsidies may be unclear about who to contact with payment related questions.  Consequently, they may be calling a wide variety of personnel both at the Local Department and at DHS and risk being misdirected.  In the interest of addressing the needs of our providers more promptly and effectively, please share the following information with your Child Welfare and Resource Homes staff, Resource Families, and any families receiving an Adoption or GAP subsidy.     


Resource Parents and recipients of an Adoption or Guardianship subsidy with payment questions or concerns should call the DHS Toll Free "HotLine" at 1-877-DHS-2-PAY or 1-877-347-2729 (TTY 800-924-4434). "

This is a great resource to get streamlined help regarding stipend issues. Please use it as needed.

Keep up the great work!

Bill Blevins - BCRPA President

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