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Helpful Information

Below you will find different files that will help you on this crazy ride called foster care, whether just starting or a seasoned veteran.  

Questions to ask when called for a placement

Here is a list of questions you should ask when called for a new placement.  Before accepting a child into your home, you want to make sure you have as much information about the child as possible in order to make an informed decision about whether or not they will be a good fit.  Remember, BCDSS does not always have the answers to the questions below and the answers they have may be inaccurate, but they should be able to provide you with some information.  

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)

First, the TBRI empowering principles address the ecological (external/environmental) and physiological (internal/physical) needs of the child. By ensuring these basic needs are met, the effectiveness of the connecting and correcting principles are greatly improved. Second, the connecting principles address relational and attachment needs, focusing on awareness, engagement, and attunement. Third, the correcting principles teach self-regulation and appropriate boundaries, and promote healthy behaviors for caregiver and child (see Appendix for examples of typical activities for each of the principles).

Locate Licensed Child Care in Maryland 

Maryland Family Network is a free and confidential referral service that will help you find the best childcare for your family. The program is affiliated with all of Maryland’s regulated childcare providers. Our referral options include:

Current Association By-Laws

Find the Associations current By-Laws here.  

Proposed Association By-Laws

Find the Associations proposed By-Laws with amendments here.  

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